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We got this for our twins and it was a hit! The game
is a very novel approach to teaching toddlers about potty
training. It plays a little like Candyland. You draw a card,
and move your game piece according to the instructions.
The drawings and potty poems are so very adorable (and
educating!) for kiddos and grow-ups alike. I really like how
durable the game pieces are. They are meant to withstand
the destructive force of 2 year old hands. It's a fantastic
concept and we are all big fans. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Steve D. Culver City, CA

beginning quotesI run a small daycare and Let's Potty has become
an integral part of my program. It's one of the games that
is always reached for by the children. The older kids often
like to play along to show off their knowledge on the subject.
The fact that its fun makes it a very effective potty training
aid in itself. I've never seen or heard of any other successful
potty training activity that a child actually enjoys, frankly.
There are some cute books on the market, but they are
not very effective as training aids. Let's Potty is simple and
reward-based, easy to play and really makes an impression
on children. I think the reason that most potty training systems
are unsuccessful is because they simply aren't fun! Let's Potty
is unique because it somehow makes the topic of potty
training cool! I feel like this game is going to be a
household name in a few years. It's an instant classic!
end quotes
- Debbie R. Amherst, MA

quote 3I love the relevance. It's cute and
fun and maintains the child's interest while
also reinforcing potty terms and ideas.
quote 4

- Dawn L. Teacher, Cincinnati, OH

quote 3So Cute! It works! Our daughter loves this
game and asks to play it over and over. She now
wakes up in the morning and asks to use the potty
like "Rolly". She also loves playing it with any willing
participant and sharing the important lessons with
them! This game is well designed, positive, and
super cute.
quote 4

- Julie E. Novato, CA


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